Google Shopping Campaign

3 Easy Steps of Creating a Google Shopping Campaign

Ranking on the first page on the Google result is a secret to winning high sales. Getting to Google’s page one enhances your opportunities to earn a high return on your investment. As a webpreneur, you have several alternatives to do this. First, you can work on your SEO optimization. While it sounds like an easy thing, you need to invest in content development and other optimization elements to appear on the top positions in the search result. The next option is using paid ads.

Through the AdWords service, Google allows you to run pay-per-click ads (PPC). The ads appear on the top of search results when a customer is searching for a product or service you offer. However, Google came up with another approach known as Google Shopping. This option utilizes the power of product information and imagery to help you occupy the top position of your niche search results.

Nevertheless, you may not have information on how to create a Google Shopping ad campaign. If this is you, here is how to do it:

Develop a Google Shopping product data Feed 

A Google Shopping product data feed is a file containing relevant information about your products. This feed contains information about the items you are offering on your online store. Some of the information you include are the product color, size, URL, price, brand, and any other useful details that can enable a customer to make their purchase decisions. You submit this document to the Google Merchant Account.

Verify all the information is accurate.

Nothing can hurt like running a paid campaign on a product which is out of stock. It will be wasting time and money. Hence, it is vital to check and verify every information you put on your product data feed. Some of the information to confirm are product ID, availability, shipping details, price, and brand. Also, ensure any information on this file matches with the products you are offering.

Upload your product data feed to your Google Merchant Center Account

Upon ensuring your information is accurate, it is time to upload it on the Google Merchant Center. You can do this using a spreadsheet, FTP or SFTP file formats. However, you must ensure it complies with the Google recommendations.

Link your Google AdWords with the Merchant Center Account

This is the last step. Upon completing the above steps, you need to link the two accounts to ensure your information appears on the Google results. This way, you’ll be ready to start receiving orders from customers.